We want to solve India's gerontocracy. The only way to do that is with youth representation.

YIF is India's first non-partisan, non-profit organisation focused on making Indian politics more accessible for India's 67 crore young people. Through the Centre for Youth Policy, YIF-PAC, and Youth Civic Advocacy, we bridge the gap between the country's youth and their political representatives. We believe in the power of political leadership at the grassroots level, and we believe in our country’s youth.

Centre for Youth Policy

YIF is turning out India’s youth vote


College campuses need to promote voting. We help them do that by working with the administration, students and the local election officials to encourage young voters on campuses and to ensure their principle right of voting is accessible.


We believe in the power of civic engagement and get young Indians registered at all cultural festivals and events across the country.


We’re working with upwards of 100 influencers in 2023 and 2024 to promote youth voter registration and turnout. We hyperlocalize engagement to ensure that national and regional influencers are equipped to promote civic engagement and voter turnout at all levels.

YIF's Centre for Youth Policy

We believe that young people are a crucial demographic data point when it comes to political research—we enhance existing knowledge and build onto political discourse by shedding light on age and youth as a vital variable in research. Young people are an important part of the data revolution—our research puts them front and centre across a variety of research questions.

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Youth Civic Advocacy

By taking our research on India’s youth and democracy directly to policy makers, from State officials, bureaucratic officials to Ministers under the central Government of India - Young India Foundation connects data and results with real-time action. Advocating for policy changes allows us to work in tandem with those for whom youth policies are made and those at the forefront of ideation and implementation in the government.

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YIF-PAC: YIF's Political Action Committee

YIF works to support independent candidates contesting elections at the grassroots level free of cost. We aim to lower the barriers to entry for these candidates by helping them with legal help, campaign management & tactics, organisation building, and access to training—all to ensure that candidates are empowered by their constituency and participate in real progress.

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There's a space for everyone in the movement for youth rights and representation. Help us make Indian politics reflect the power of our youth.

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