Youth Civic Advocacy

To primarily combat the large disenfranchised demographic of India in electoral politics.

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YIF Candidate Bootcamps

The YIF Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind, free of cost, application-based candidate training program focused on collecting and apprising prospective youth candidates (and campaign volunteers) about India’s electoral processes—processes that are otherwise inaccessible, vaguely defined, or unavailable for research through mainstream means.

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Advocating for Policy Changes

By taking our research on India’s youth and democracy directly to policy makers, from State officials, bureaucratic officials to Ministers under the central Government of India - Young India Foundation connects data and results with real-time action. Advocating for policy changes allows us to work in tandem with those for whom youth policies are made and those at the forefront of ideation and implementation in the government.

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Coalition for Youth Rights and Representation

As a platform for an active exchange of ideas, progress and collaboration among various themes under the umbrella of the youth, this collective of organizations would be able to be at the forefront of the upcoming youth led initiatives that are to be implemented in lieu of the NYP (2022).

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We proactively work with representatives, bureaucrats and officials across political parties.

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There's a space for everyone in the movement for youth rights and representation. Help us make Indian politics reflect the power of our youth.

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