YIF is actively involved in youth-oriented development programs, policies and mobilisation since 2017.

From the Panchayat to the Parliament.

As of 2022, more than 50% of India’s 1.38 Billion population is below the age of 25 [680 Million], and 65% is below the age of 30 [~900 million!]. Comparing this to the world, the youth population (15-29 years) globally stands at 1.8 billion. Out of which, every fifth young person in the world (20 percent) resides in India. While a lot of rights and agency over choices regarding young people’s immediate ecosystems are granted to the Indians as they become constitutionally defined “adults”, they are still denied full access to these rights due to inconsistent definitions of age and discrimination against their experiences due to their age – this is commonly referred to as “ageism”. This has become the basis of India’s gerontocracy.

With gerontocracy’s effects on the state of political bodies in the country - we believe that India is in a crisis of representation. Young India Foundation’s mission is born from this simple premise: a democratic nation is defined by the power its public holds—what power do we allow young people to exercise if we are actively disenfranchising them by preventing them from participating in public life?


YIF’s CYP germinates thought provoking research and flagship initiatives that are able to serve as a compendium for young people’s engagement with their rights and the country’s politics.

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Youth Civic Advocacy

Our advocacy team takes Center for Youth Policy’s ideas and implements them —from workshops with young people that help them understand their role in the country’s democracy or asking #Why25.

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We believe in the power of political leadership at the grassroots level. YIF-PAC forms the last step towards youth representation, i.e. helping young persons to become representatives themselves.

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What’s different about YIF?

We believe in the power of political leadership at the grassroots level, and we believe in our country’s young populace. India cannot make tangible progress simply through hollow schemes, but instead through the strength of its panchayats, municipalities, assemblies and parliament.

YIF’s work isn’t limited to lecturing young people, organising summits or advocating on social media – we want to empower young people through effective action, enable them to become a part of the political system, and understand it inside-out.


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There's a space for everyone in the movement for youth rights and representation. Help us make Indian politics reflect the power of our youth.

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