YIF'S Political Action Committee (YIF-PAC)

YIF’s PAC forms the last step towards youth representation, i.e. helping young persons to become representatives themselves. Through its local representatives in several states and expertise on legal, communication, design and analytical understanding of Panchayat and Municipal elections, YIF-PAC supports young people’s political campaigns at local elections.

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For the People, Of the People – Ingalagi’s First Young Dalit Candidate

Ingalagi (a village in Muddebihal, Karnataka) witnessed its first young Dalit candidate for Panchayat in December 2020—Sachin Rathod. The story of a victory that is inconsequential to many but significant to a few young individuals who worked day-in and day-out. Read more to find out what YIF’s Gunjan Rathore has to comment on this victory.

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Muses and Music: Helping Make History Through Campaigns

In December 2020, Tiara was presented with the opportunity to compose a campaign jingle for Sachin Rathod. At that time, she didn’t know he was the first young Dalit candidate to contest the Ingalagi elections, and that he would go on to be the first to win it. Read more to find out the musicians’ story.

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