YIF works with universities, colleges, faculty, students as well as central, state, and local election officials to create a more inclusive environment for voter accessibility. Our mission is to help campuses across India institutionalise reforms that empower students with the information they need to register and vote.


New voters often cite psychological and knowledge barriers around processes and “not knowing enough” about candidates or issues, as reasons for shying away from voting, leading them to determine that it’s better to sit out than to make a mistake. Students need accessible, accurate information from trusted sources in their own communities. Together we help student voters navigate their uncertainty about the electoral process. Young people’s ability to swing elections and determine the course of our democracy is the greatest it has ever been. In 2019, many MP seats were won with less than a fraction of local campus enrollment. MPs, MLAs, and municipalities – all can be powered by young voters. YIFis committed to making young voices and votes matter in our democracy.

We help young people design and implement strategies to increase their voting power.

We are optimistic about increasing youth voter engagement. The data demonstrates that there is a significant population of young people who not only are eager to make their voices heard, but live in places where their votes can have enormous impact — if they are organized, motivated, and given the resources they need to succeed.

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