Welcome to India's First Election Calendar

Young India Foundation’s Election Calendar is a one-stop directory for democracy’s main instrument – electoral politics. We’ve collated the dates of all upcoming elections in India, all the way from the local to the national level – ensuring that you, as a voter, prospective candidate, journalist, academic, or a citizen of the world’s largest democracy are in tune with the country’s electoral processes.

The tracker aims to uphold India’s true federal nature. For close upcoming elections, you’ll find a catalogue of all contesting candidates, their manifestos and promises, as well as the socio-political atmosphere around the elections, enabling you to vote, engage with, and participate in a democracy that is dynamic as well as well-informed.

Methodology for the Election Calendar

Dates for all elections have been compiled from various resources, including Official ECI Notifications, State Election Commissions, and news reports. For elections that lack official notifications, terms have been calculated from their previous dates to estimate when they're taking place next. Read more through the sources mentioned with every election. All data on youth representation has been retrieved from the YIF 2019 Lok Sabha Study, available to read under our research tab

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